Resource Stability

In data visualization, design

A concept for how to tell a data-rich story about emerging trends resulting from resource stability analysis.

The client wanted to be able to clearly and visually communicate a lot of analytical text. The reader should be able to understand the basics without needing to read every word.

A layout was needed to accommodate text-heavy analytics while still showcasing visual elements to help draw the reader in and make the info digestible.

Each concept also had the additional requirement of fitting on one 11″ x 17″ piece of paper. For the first concept I used a venn diagram to examine the ways in which the overlapping of resource stability would create interesting new characteristics of the analysis. Visually this was a nice way to show how the analysis of 4 seemingly unrelated resources can combine to create different characteristics (in this case it was trends which emerged).

For the second concept I used area fill charts to represent the impact of each resource stability to the area of interest while also arraying them by time and grouping by resource. Visually this made it easy to spot time-series trends and where (if any) resource stability issues were overlapping by time or resource.

Note: Company logos/naming and analytic text has been removed at the client’s request.